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The Mission the Vision the Plan

Dear Friend,


I first want to thank you for your time.

I am writing to inform you of God calling me to Plant our next church home. I have been in ministry for 20 years and

have served in pastoral leadership since 2008. I have always been open to going whatever the Lord has

called me to do and this vision to plant is the place.I am currently seeking to become the Planter and

Pastor of the Aarons Brigade and Tuff Ministries under the guidance of the Lord. He has called me to do

his work regarding the desire to make disciples and to lead his people to life’s main goal of loving

Jesus, his people for His glory. I am of African American, Native American and European descent, and

being born in Dallas Texas God has blessed me with a heart for all people especially multi-generations of

minorities worldwide. I know I have been called to make disciples of all nations and to lead the local

church according to the word of God. I believe the ministry of the church is the way to engage believers to

worship God in community and to prepare their hearts to receive the preaching of God’s word so that we

obey it. I have worked on staff with churches while always continuing in higher education. I believe I have

been well prepared by the Lord to specifically engage the community in the Senior Pastoral capacity. I am

and have always been very active in serving and leading my church and community. I believe that I can

fulfill the needs of this position through Christ; fulfilling all of your requirements because of my past

personal and work experience. Also, my ability to learn quickly, adapt, multi-task, and be productive and

highly efficient in many areas will also aid me in being the best possible candidate for this position. Being

a man of Christian values, integrity and vision, you will find me to be a very dependable Leader who is

likeable and one who gets along with various types of people. I always hope to display the love of Christ

to all. I'm positive an in person meeting would more accurately reveal my qualifications and my vision for

planting The Aarons Brigade Family Life Center and Tuff Ministries as led by the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Thank you for your time and Prayers


I do ask that you pray and seek the lord about joining me and giving financially to assist with doing his will. If the

Lord puts it on your heart to provide a financial seed and contribution we would be very grateful and

humbled by your support. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

In closing I have also provided a Breakdown of goals in which will enable us to establish this great vision.

Sincerely by the Grace of the Lord,



Rev. Dr. James L. Aaron Jr



Please note for charitable donations The Aarons Brigade Family Life Center and Tuff Ministries is currently 501c3 certified by the IRS

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